Why Exactly Choose AIG Malaysia?

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Coverage allows you to leave a heritage behind while protect all your family members and children. In the case of any unfortunate accidental injuries or cuts, you’ll be able to relax understanding that you and the loved ones are safe. AIG Malaysia is a great place to start- it is the most effective car insurance Malaysia providers in Malaysia, and has complete policies for anyone.

If you’re searching for a one-stop insurance agency which will protect every aspect of your life, then think about employing AIG Malaysia. AIG has home, car, travel, and personal accident insurance, which can be used to make sure you use a secure backup plan in case there are unforeseen accidents. Travel Insurance policies at AIG Malaysia can cover your medical expenses or trip cancellations both for local and foreign travel. Additionally, there is a special insurance policy for students going overseas to study, so you’re able to pursue your educational wishes without having to be held back by a concern with the unforeseen.

AIG Malaysia

The advantages of the home insurance policies provided by AIG include protection in case of any rental destruction, financial aid for various accommodation in case your property is damaged with a natural tragedy or fire. The insurance policy has 24/7 protection, no matter if you away on the job or holiday.

AIG’s vehicles insurance policies are specialized in cover your car against damage- including through accidents, fire, or larceny. AIG also provides a fundamental road guidance service in case you are stranded while travelling, along with several customizable add-on insurance coverages. Our dedicated panel repair workshop gives One year of assurance on all fixes done.

Personal Accident Insurance coverage is essential in case of sudden and unforeseen accidents. AIG provides 6 different basic intends to fit your individual needs, in addition to add-on benefits like daily hospital income and medical expense reimbursements. This insurance policy is also an annual coverage service. Insurance is more than a shield- it is also an investment in your family and your future. Right here at AIG car insurance Malaysia, we help you protect that future through our thorough and versatile policies, which can be perfect for all sorts of lifestyles.

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