Shaves2U Razor and Shave Cream Review

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I’m doing Shaves2U review today, and I just love this product due to its premium features!

Shaves2U Trial Version Kit

The handle is great and looks really stylish. I appreciate the rubberised grip and solid build, which feels heavier than anything I’ve ever used.

Shaves2U Shaver - Premium Handle

I shave my head and beard with their shavers, and they work fine for both. At first, you might find it hard to get the corners and around the ears, BUT you will get used to it. Maybe there’s a slight learning curve but once you get the hang of it, there should be no problem.

I started with the S6 blade like they advised because I intended to shave my head with it. It may be an overkill for my beard because I don’t have much of it, so moving forward, I may give the S3 a try, while maintaining the S6 for my head.

Next on my Shaves2U review is the razor blades are pretty good. They’re well-lubricated and super sharp. I’ve used Shaves2U for 1 year, and their blades are consistent every time. I’ve had issues with my Mach3 before. Rusted before I got to the last cartridge. And I store my blades in a drawer outside my bathroom to minimise moisture, so….

Meanwhile, my Shaves2U blades are still going strong. I’ve been using this batch for a little more than 2 months now.

6 blades shaver | Shaves2U

The post-shave result is great for the price that you pay. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it exceeds my expectations. Slides and glides as good as any other popular commercial brand. It leaves my skin feeling smooth. Haha, I tried to think of one more word to describe it but I think that sums it up perfectly. The smoothness I felt on my skin was probably a combination of a very close shave and the moisturiser from the lubricating strip.

It’s always good to have some options for men’s grooming, and healthy competition drives the brands to do better. At the end of the day, it all benefits the consumer! Hope you guys can get benefits from this Shaves2U review post and do visit their website at and video in YouTube below.

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