Common Ground For The Coworking Space Specifications

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Common Ground: Redefining Working

Common Ground is a co-working space that started in March 2017. Common Ground is also a community for driven enterprisers. We provide you with four main products: a private office rental, shared office rental, fixed desk, including a virtual office. In 2019, Common Ground won Best Coworking Malaysia Space in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

If you find that working at home is getting uninteresting or is a hardship for you to distinct your work from life, look at a desk with a coworking space! The advantages of a coworking space range from the idea that it offers some composition into your day keep operating behind whenever you leave the room and really relax at home.

A private office at Common Ground will give you the best of both worlds- the chances to network also, the private space to get work done. Your office is totally yours- you have access to it 24/7 and is also lockable. Besides, we provide a free of charge 12 hours for the meeting rooms, and there are discount rates accessible for our events.

Common Ground

Being able to greet attendees in an exceedingly professional workspace is important, so renting an office space is usually a great option for entrepreneurs to choose the ground. Sharing workplace with different businesses and individuals can even be beneficial for the network, and you should even get potential customers from this!

Get special, members-only reductions to all our occasions with the Common Ground fixed desk package deal. The deal also contains 24/7 entry to your chosen fixed desk place, and an appreciation 5 hours entry to our conference spaces. We supply discounted worldwide calls if essential as well.

A virtual office provides you with all of the benefits of an actual location, minus the costs or the need to be present! With Common Ground’s virtual office offer, you can acquire a professional business enterprise address in addition to a business landline number. Should you require an assembly room or work environment, we are also pleased to provide reduced premiums for you at any venue.

Should you be interested in giving coworking spaces a chance, book a tour and experience here at Common Ground. You can choose your selected time and location through our internet booking form. If you want to find many advantages at Common Ground, the best coworking Malaysia, pay a visit to our website at

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